What to Expect

Hello and thank you for looking for St. Peter’s Episcopal Church!

When you come up the driveway, park where you like, usually along the edges of the driveway, or on the handicap spot on the asphalt.  Some folks also park along the asphalt spaces.

The entrance is up the ramp.  There is often a smiling greeter there to open the door, give you a bulletin and welcome you to the church.  If you are unfamiliar with the liturgy, the greeter can have you sit near someone who will  be  glad to give you hints if you get lost.

The bulletin provides page numbers, for the prayer book or hymnal.  We try to be quiet before and after the service while the organist is provides a thoughtful prelude or postlude.

The books we use include: the red Book of Common Prayer, and a blue Hymnal.  Sometimes we sing hymns from different books, and these will be handed out with the bulletin.   Page numbers will be announced during the service.  Laughter is always present.  We often have Spanish speaking congregants, so Rev. Lou will intersperse Spanish and English to the service.

We share the Peace of Christ during the worship time, and it is a custom for everyone to touch everyone!  There will be many hugs and welcomes.  We bless, break, share the bread and wine at each service and all are welcome to God’s table.  At the end of the service, we share ‘God moments’ with one another as a means of telling when we felt really close to God during the week.  It is the liveliest part of the service!

Worship is a time to be open to God’s grace, healed of whatever needs healing, blessed to be God’s people in the world, and thankful for what we have to share.  We worship God as Creator, Redeemer, and Sanctifier, who continually calls us to re-formation into God’s people in the world.  After the service, fellowship, coffee, and other refreshments is available downstairs.